I ended up taking about 30 photos today around my house, and this is the one I liked the most.

Editing with Adobe Lightroom

La Garita (Revisited)

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m starting to play around with different editing tools, to see what they are capable of and find which one I like the most. This time, I was using the Adobe Lightroom app on my phone. I found the interface easier to use than Snapseed, and liked how it was focused more on editing the photo rather than just apply a filter. I’m going to keep both apps, because it looks like they have different use cases. I’ll write about it again in a few months to see what I’m actually using as my main editing app in the future.

As with the previous photo, I’d appreciate any feedback. If you’d like to see the original, see this post.

Playing with editing tools

La Mina Waterfall

So far, most of the photos I’ve uploaded the past days were untouched, except the photo of the Succulent, which I believe has an Instagram filter applied. With this image I was checking out Google’s Snapseed, and seeing all of the features that it has to offer. I looks like its a nice application for on the go editing, I just have to learn what tweaks need to be made to make photos look even better. I’d appreciate any feedback on this photo. I didn’t make any major changes, just adjusted applied the lens blur. If you would have made any advanced tweaks, what would they have been?

Here’s a link to the original, unedited photo.

Too Many Ferns!

An image of ferns seen in the Angelito Trail in El Yunque
Ferns seen in the Angelito Trail in El Yunque

I took this picture during one of my trips to the El Yunque National Rainforest in Rio Grande, PR. Sights like these are one of my favorite things to see while hiking in El Yunque.

Succulent Echeveria Grus

A photo of a potted Succulent Echeveria Grus
Succulent Echeveria Grus

This is one of the few plants I have and take care of myself. It was starting to die so I put it outside, and it grew into this beauty. Soon I hope to take a small branch of it and bring a piece of it indoors!

La Garita

Image of a wicket in Old San Juan
La Garita

This was the first photo I took that really got me into photography. I wanted a new wallpaper for my phone, so I started walking around El Morro in Old San Juan looking for a nice shot. I took this pic and at first I didn’t realize how nice it looked. Sometimes I still go back and use it as my wallpaper.